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Meet Laura Taylor - founder : empowered by cloud

Fixing and Automating Crappy Finance Departments

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

You’re here because something I shared on LinkedIn resonated with you, made you smile, made you panic or just got you curious enough to check out my profile.

Since you’re here, you might as well stick around and find out exactly how I can help you get control over your cashflow.

But first things first, we only work with construction businesses and property developers, so if you sell widgets, intellect, or your body, I’m afraid we aren’t the accountancy firm for you. Sorry about that.

Still here?

Great. Now let me introduce you to Empowered by Cloud…

Stop listening to Jimmy

It never ceases to amaze me how many construction firms run their finance systems based on advice from Jimmy down the pub. Half the time, Jimmy down the pub doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, and his advice could be leading you towards financial ruin.

When you work with us, our first priority is getting your cashflow under control. If you’ve neglected the finance side of your business and you’re in the shit, we’ll start with some damage limitation.

I know it can be tough opening up your books to someone new, especially if you’re spending more than you make. But I promise we’re not going to judge you, no matter how dire things are.

You’re not a finance expert – if you were, you wouldn’t be here – so we don’t expect you to have perfect balance sheets. All we ask is that you’re honest with us and listen to our advice. If you do that, we’ll help you sleep better at night.

Meet the team

You work in construction, so you know how many different tradespeople are needed to build a house. You don’t hire a plumber to do the electrics or a plasterer to fit the carpets. You find people with the right skills for each job.

That’s exactly what I’ve done too. I’ve built a team with all the skills needed to manage your finances – payroll, tax returns, bookkeeping, cashflow management, pricing, CIS, budgeting and forecasting.

You get access to an entire finance department, complete with an experienced finance director, for one monthly fee. Trust me, it’s a whole lot cheaper than hiring an in-house team or hiring the wrong person.

And the best part is every team member has experience working with (or for) construction and trades businesses just like yours. That’s why we specialise in it.

Let’s talk

You don’t have to be afraid of your accounts – it’s actually possible to build a profitable business, keep HMRC happy, and sleep soundly at night. You just need the right support. And that’s why we’re here.

We help you manage your money while you run your business. It’s simple. All you need to do is give us a call. And since you’ve made it this far down the page, you might as well give us a try – we’re a far safer bet than Jimmy down the pub.