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If you’re looking for specialist accountants for the construction industry, you’re in the right place. All our accountants and finance experts have experience working with construction and trade businesses just like yours.

Accountants for Construction Companies

Let’s talk about cashflow. It’s often a touchy subject, especially in construction accounting. Why? Because so many business owners don’t have proper control over it.

Money comes in; money goes out. As long as you can make the wage bill every week, it’s fine, right?

Until it’s not. And suddenly, the bank is calling in your loans, your suppliers are chasing you for money, and you haven’t got the cash to pay your VAT bill.

The good news is it’s not all doom and gloom. Construction accountants like us can help you stay on top of your finances so there are no nasty surprises.

And as well as taking care of your taxes and balancing your books, we help you understand your numbers so you can make informed decisions about investment and growth.

As specialist construction accountants, we have years of combined experience in bookkeeping, payroll, pricing, profitability, job costing, cashflow forecasting and automation. We offer proactive, jargon-free advice to improve your finance systems and help you grow your business sensibly.

So if you’re tired of running your business blind and want straight-talking construction accountants to help you get control of your cashflow, hit that call button and let’s talk.

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Empowered by Cloud - Specialist Construction Company Accountants

Building a successful business isn’t easy, and construction comes with unique challenges. Our team understand these challenges because we specialise in construction accounting and only work with construction and trades businesses.

And it doesn’t matter if your records are a complete mess and your cashflow is out of control – we’ve seen it all before, and we certainly don’t judge. In fact, we love fixing broken finance systems and automating the crap out of stuff.

All our packages are tailored to suit your business and include everything you need – from basic bookkeeping right through to complex financial advice and guidance.

So if you’re losing sleep over unpaid invoices and dodging calls from your bank manager, let’s talk. We’ll put an end to your money nightmares.

Why should you use Empowered by Cloud for your construction business?

As a business owner, tradesperson, subcontractor or developer, you probably don’t want to spend hours every day managing your finances. And you don’t have to. Our expert team will manage your accounts while you take care of running your business.

And we don’t just do your tax returns once a year then send you a big bill. You get access to an entire finance team with all the skills needed to keep your finance systems efficient.

Your virtual finance department comes complete with accountants, bookkeepers, payroll specialists, tax experts, credit controllers and a finance director.

You’ll receive valuable insights and have a clear understanding of where any money is being lost and which areas of your business are the most profitable. And we’ll help you plan for successful growth and ensure you make informed investment decisions.

Even if numbers aren’t your thing and the idea of digital bookkeeping sends shivers up your spine, we’re confident we’ll get you excited about your finances. Don’t believe us? Call us, and we’ll prove it.

Use Empowered by Cloud for your construction business

Are we the right construction accountants for you?

We don’t just work with any old company – we’re looking for long-term relationships with construction businesses that are serious about success. Our clients are construction and trades businesses with a turnover of £500K+ and include:

What construction accounting services are included?

The construction industry is complex and comes with some unique challenges – challenges we understand because we specialise in construction accounting.

There’s no one-size-fits-all service – we offer bespoke plans to suit you and your business. These can be scaled up as your business evolves and can include:

Annual year end accounts

Unlike some firms, we don’t offer tax returns as a standalone service, but it will form part of your finance package. We’ll use your online bookkeeping records to prepare your annual and statutory accounts and file tax returns on your behalf.


Outsource your payroll services and leave PAYE, NI deductions and auto-enrolment in workplace pensions to our in house team. No matter how many employees you have, we’ll keep your payroll running smoothly and help you navigate the legal and regulatory aspects.

Credit Control

Let our experienced credit control team take care of managing your invoices and chasing overdue payments to keep your cash flowing as it should.

Specialists in Construction Industry Scheme

Construction is the only industry in the UK where subcontractors have tax deducted at source, and it’s the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that CIS deductions are accurate. Because we specialise in construction, we’ve made it our business to understand every aspect of CIS so we can help you remain compliant, manage your CIS returns and keep you advised of any changes in legislation.

What accounting software do you recommend for my construction company?

At Empowered by Cloud, we recommend Xero accounting software, as we believe it’s the best accountancy software for construction and trades businesses.

Xero connects small businesses with their trusted advisors and gives them accurate, relevant and real-time visibility into their financial situation.

It also keeps track of CIS subcontractors and their CIS deductions, and can be used to record, prepare and submit your CIS returns smoothly and efficiently.

You can also submit your VAT return through Xero. It automatically includes any late claims not included in the previous period to ensure that no purchase VAT is missed.

Xero also supports the Domestic Reverse Charge VAT rate that came into effect on 1st March 2021, so you can be sure that you are fully compliant when recording your subcontractor information and payments.

If you aren’t already using Xero, we’ll get you set up or switch you over from your current software.

Don’t worry if you aren’t tech-savvy. Xero is easy to navigate, and we’ll provide full training on how to use it. Plus, we’re always on hand if you get stuck or have any questions.

Xero accountants for construction industry


There is so much that a construction accountant can do for you - from the processing of purchase invoices to preparing and submitting your VAT returns, and CIS returns. Empowered by Cloud does all the above as well as helping you manage your books, forecast your cashflow and plan for a prosperous future. We can also assist with your onsite budget so you can clearly see where any cash shortages may be and keep control of your orders. At Empowered by Cloud we can assist you with your onsite budget so that you can clearly see where any cash shortages may be, keep control of your stock ordered and provide advice on how to manage your business better. We promise to be your virtual finance team.

A generalist accountant will provide the basic accounting services you need, but they won’t necessarily have the in-depth knowledge and experience that a specialist construction accountant has. The construction industry is fast-paced, and legislation changes frequently. Working with a construction accountant who stays abreast of these changes will ensure you remain compliant. We understand the complexities of CIS, and the common cashflow challenges construction businesses face. And because we only work with construction and trades businesses, we know exactly how to help them grow successfully.

Accounting in all industries is a difficult task. But when it comes to construction, there are additional challenges. Construction accountants need to understand how the construction industry works to ensure efficient systems and ongoing compliance. Every member of our team has experience working with construction and trades businesses, and we know exactly how to support companies within the construction industry. We provide jargon-free advice, expert guidance and valuable insights to help you build a profitable business.

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