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Outsource your finance functions to Empowered by Cloud – we’re specialists in accounting services for construction and trades.

Running a construction business is tough enough without having to do your own bookkeeping, payroll and credit control. Why try and muddle through alone when you could take advantage of our finance outsourcing service?

We’ll be your virtual finance department, keeping your money flowing in the right direction and automating the crap out of your finance processes. Your business will be efficient and compliant, and you’ll feel more confident in your financial decisions.

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What is outsourcing financial services?

Financial outsourcing or accounting outsourcing means you use a service provider to deal with financial processes that would traditionally be dealt with by an in-house team. It’s far more cost-effective than employing a bookkeeper, a payroll specialist, an accountant, a credit controller and a finance director. Instead of paying several salaries, you pay one fixed fee every month to access all the specialist skills you need.

Harnessing technology to empower business owners

With the rise of finance apps, it has never been easier to outsource your finance operations while still retaining complete visibility over your accounts.

At Empowered by Cloud, we use Xero. We genuinely believe it’s the best accounting software for construction and trades businesses. It’s easy to use, can be integrated with a wide range of apps, and offers all the functions you need, including invoicing, VAT reporting, and submitting CIS returns.

What advantages are there to outsourcing financial operations?

When you build a house, you need a team of people with specialist skills – joiner, plumber, plasterer, roofer and so on. It’s the same if you want an efficient, effective finance department – you need a range of skills.

You might get lucky and find a competent finance person who has a basic understanding of payroll, tax, bookkeeping, credit control and accounting. But they won’t have the in-depth knowledge and vast experience of a full finance team.

Of course, hiring an entire team means more people to manage, more salaries to cover and more office space to pay for.

Or you could outsource your finance operations.

Outsourcing your finance functions is far more cost-effective than hiring a full finance team. And at Empowered by Cloud, we have all the specialist skills required to take care of every aspect of your accounts, from bookkeeping and payroll to finance director support and tax planning.

Why choose us?

Empowered by Cloud uses cloud-based technologies to automate and integrate your financial operations, so keeping track of your finances has never been easier. And you benefit from having a full finance team without the cost of recruitment, salaries or office space.

But the best part about working with us is our proactive approach. We’re not here to tick a few boxes so we can send our invoice each month. We’re here to help you build a successful, profitable business.

Business decisions made easier

When you choose us as your virtual finance team, you benefit from:

Why not look at our client testimonials to understand the many and varied ways our services could positively impact your business?

Finance expertise without the jargon

Making money isn’t boring, and understanding your finances shouldn’t be either. We want you to enjoy working with us, and more importantly, enjoy having control over your finances.

We pride ourselves on:

If you would like to know more about how Empowered by Cloud can help you, then contact us today!

How we help you improve your business

There are many key benefits to our services, including:

What services do you offer?

Every business is different, so we tailor our packages to suit. Here are just some of the ways we can support you.
Virtual Finance Department

Virtual finance department

Access the skills you need, as you need them, rather than trying to train and sustain an in-house team.

From the everyday finance operations involved in running a busy business to the ins and outs of your company accounts, we ensure you stay HMRC compliant and remain agile.


Virtual finance director

Your virtual finance director will help you stay on track and achieve your business goals by ensuring you have the information and support you need to make sensible business decisions.

We help you see the bigger picture, safeguard the growth of your business and reduce risk through our expertise.

Xero set up

Xero set up

If you’re not already using Xero accounting software, you should be – it makes managing your accounts easy. We’ll get you set up and feeling Xero confident in no time, and you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Xero training

Xero Training

We tailor Xero training to the specific needs of your teams and your business. And with our expert knowledge of the construction industry, we know which apps you need to get your business running efficiently.


What finance functions can be outsourced?

Almost all your finance functions can be outsourced – payroll, bookkeeping and accounting, tax compliance, cost-tracking, reconciling bank transactions. And the best part is so many of these functions can be automated for greater efficiency.

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